Imagine if when you were a kid you were given a magical, lifetime guaranteed tool, that not only helped you deal with the stresses of life, but also opened you up to a completely different way of looking at yourself, and the world around you.  Looking back now as an adult, you'd probably be all in!  Yoga, which in Sanskrit means union, is the ancient practice of joining the mind, body and heart in a way that fosters inner strength, balance, flexibility and peace of mind.  Sounds great for adults, but why kids?  Kids today have tons of stress and pressures.  They live in a different world than their parents.  Their world is an uber fast paced, electronically driven, social media obsessed, "the pressure is on" kind of world.  Yoga, very simply,  helps kids feel good about themselves!  The beautiful and transformative practice of yoga is non judgmental, non competitive and non exclusive, things you do not often find in other children's activities.  Given the chance to participate in a children's yoga class, most kids will very naturally open up to the philosophies and teachings of this ancient practice.  Children of all ages can benefit immensely on both a physical level and physiological level.  The gift of yoga can help build self aware, self confident, compassionate kids who are prepared to face life's up and downs with strength and grace.         


The OM Kids Yoga Program was developed with love and the greatest respect for children and the way they learn.  The program is quirky and fun and innovative, and undeniably kid approved.  All children are welcome and accepted exactly the way they are.  Our motto for years has been "yoga is a practice, not a perfect", and that sentiment runs throughout the program.  The main goal of every class is that the children leave with smiles on their faces.  Our classes are developed specifically around age groups, with the youngest of yogis participating in our puppet and story infused program, and our older grade school, tween and teen yogis focusing more on challenging poses, group games and relaxation exercises.  Our program, which is an extremely personal experience for every individual child, also fosters a great sense of community within the classes.  From the way we choose partners to the way we play our non competitive games, children will only find acceptance and kindness in every one of our OM classes.


Elyse can’t think of a better way to spend her days than being in the company of children, and sharing with them the magic of yoga.  She is able to take this ancient practice and translate it into language that every child from a rambunctious toddler to the moody teen can understand and enjoy.  Her classes are playful and full of fun, yet mindful and challenging as well.  Elyse loves what she does, and it shines through in every creative and imaginative class she teaches, as it is easy to see that she is having as much fun as the kids.
Elyse had a career in the business world and later taught in the NYC public schools before moving to RI in 1999, where she continued with her education by earning her MA in elementary education from Rhode Island College.  A yogi since the early nineties, it wasn’t until her two young daughters began mimicking what they saw their mom doing on her yoga mat, that Elyse made the connection between yoga and kids.  A chance encounter with an old friend on FB planted the seed, and in 2010, Elyse opened OM Kids Yoga Center in Pawtucket RI, a one of a kind yoga studio just for kids.  During it’s five year run as a stand alone studio, Elyse ran thousands of yoga classes, camps, special events and parties for kids and families all over Rhode Island.  She closed the studio in late 2014, and now offers her weekly classes at Raffa Yoga in Cranston, as well as after school programs in schools and special events throughout RI and Mass.  She is currently writing her first book of guided visualizations for children.   
Elyse is certified to teach children’s yoga through the following teacher trainings:  Karma Kids Yoga, Karma Kids Yoga Teen Intensive, Radiant Child Yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby and Zenergy Yoga Therapy from Australia.